Include a Narrative in Your Newsletter

Vivek Sharma // Co-Founder & CEO of Movable Ink

"There are a few emails that I get that are content centric. The emails I get from Quora are fantastic, they seem to know exactly what to send and they always get me to click. Business Insider does some great emails as well, getting me to engage about topics that I’m reading about."

I think  there’s a difference between content companies and a commerce companies. Content companies genuinely have to have something compelling for you to go and visit their website and it’s an ad supported revenue model. So it’s in their best interest to give you something that you engage with in that form. 

For commerce companies, it’s striking that balance between transactional and content and if you can tell a story that’s the most powerful thing. Rather than just putting a product out there, thinking about a  big marketing event; How do you tie this into Halloween? Or something else that’s happening, perhaps Apple making a really big announcement, and create a really interesting narrative. 

So there’s a technology side of this certainly, but I think marketers have to be a little bit more creative in delighting their customers."

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