“I don’t think there’s a trick here. I think this is the hardest part of starting a company. And, there are no short cuts. It’s a deep amount of conviction. It’s a deep amount of confidence. It’s a deep amount of thoughtfulness where every time you have the opportunity to hedge a bet in a safe direction or in a direction that isn’t what you believe in you need to fight that. 

You need to fight that feeling of taking a short cut or compromising your big vision. And the challenge is that sometimes your big vision is wrong. Or sometimes you’re not good enough to execute your big vision and people might tell you that. And even if that’s the truth you want to try and fight it and prove them wrong.

There’s very little that somebody should be able to say to you from the outside that stops you in your tracks. Now, the challenge is, that not everybody is going to be successful and not everybody should be working on what they’re doing. 

There are times when you get that advice and it’s probably right but who am I to tell you what those moments are.” 

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