“Deep, deep uncertainty. Every minute of every day. You just have no idea. Your numbers are your numbers. You don’t actually understand how good or not good they are other than reading some article on the internet and comparing yourself to something else. 

It’s just all about fighting insecurity because you’re early. You haven’t hit some hockey stick. It’s not all organically working. You have to make huge decisions and bets on a daily basis without any real information about what you are supposed to do. 

No one is telling you what to do. So every single piece of it is ripe with insecurity and your job as a founder is to fight all of that. Stay optimistic, be confident, lead, and put the company in the position to succeed. 

One of the ways you can’t do that is by not making decisions. So you have to make decisions. You have to make a lot of decisions and you have to be quick to make those decisions. And the challenge is you don’t know what the options are. You don’t know what the outcomes could be. The decisions that you are making are being done in a very challenging environment both to understand what you should do and what the outcomes of those decisions are. Again, what does that breed? Insecurity. And I think the key is to fight it.”  

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