Delegate Tasks with Clear Expectations

Phil Dumontet // Founder and CEO of Dashed Delivery

The first step is knowing what that is and identifying it: I’m going to be exceptional at this. From there it’s asking a question, how am I going to measure how successful I am at this? 

We’re very clear about that at DASHED and I’m very clear about that personally. If I have a goal that I’m going to set and something that I’m going to focus on improving I need to have a concrete way to measure it. So I think making sure that you are constantly evaluating how you are doing along the way is really important to reach that goal. 

It definitely goes back to a laser focus on doing one thing really well because otherwise you may do many things, and you may do them adequately or even above average, but to stand out in this marketplace you need to really excel in one area. 

Being very clear about your objectives from the start with delegation is very important. Putting the time in up front with that person to make it clear that it may not be something that I enjoy or my number one strength but going to them and really putting the time in, the investment up front, and giving a thorough understanding of what you expect in the role. That’s the only way you are going to set that person up for success. With clear and thorough expectations for them. 

I always start out with a more frequent interval for meetings because you can always scale it back.

To begin, I think weekly meetings are very important, even if they are just a few minutes to check in that everything is going well this week. I have no questions, there’s nothing that you need. That’s fine at least we had the opportunity to chat and check in. From there, if you find that you’re doing that every week then perhaps you go every two weeks or even monthly. I think start out with more frequent check ins to see how everything is going."

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