How to Maintain an Open Culture as you Scale

Vivek Sharma // Co-Founder & CEO of Movable Ink

Vivek: "It isn’t spoken of enough but a great management team and also a culture that rewards people for being accountable, for owning their piece of the business. This is a learning process. It’s something that’s constantly evolving but when you’re a 20 person company that looks very different, the culture is far flatter. 

Even as we’ve grown and we’ve started to have a management team, I talk to engineers, I talk to sales people. Michael goes on sales calls. We try to have a culture of transparency and knowledge sharing across the board. That’s partly what we encourage as a team and what works for us, as well as tools we use that make it easy, like Slack, for a field employee to know what’s happening at headquarters."

Michael: "There’s lot of sales people that I have talked to way more on Slack than in real life or on the phone even. "

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