How DoSomething.Org Runs Design Sprints

Julie Lorch // Head of User Experience

"The tech team runs them with a traditional system. They have a two week sprint system. They do their planning on Mondays. They work for two weeks and then they have a retro at the end and start their sprints again fresh the next week. 

We started working on two week sprints for the UX team and found that the time was a bit too long for us. Now we have one week sprints. Basically we get together, it’s the UX, the visual team, and a member or two from product. We sit together and we think ‘Okay, what can we reasonably accomplish in this next week?’ 

We actually have a board with a whole bunch of sticky notes on it in the office and we plan out what that looks like for the next week. 

We also have daily stand ups. We found that in order to iterate faster and to maintain the quality of the work that we do everyday at 2 p.m. the team, whoever is around, will stand up and have a quick, impromptu meeting about work. So if I’m working on a new user flow to get people through a page a visual designer and a product person can comment on that. Similarly if it’s a new header image for our blog we can all take a stab at that too. So those short feedback loops keep energy up for our products and keeps everyone up to date with what we are doing. It makes those sprints really, really successful."

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