The Three Ways Misfit Approaches Competition

Sonny Vu // Founder and CEO of Misfit

"I think there’s several things. You need to have a great product, great distribution, and great marketing. 

Marketing is really just about communicating what you have. Not dressing it up in any way, just saying very simply we have a great product and it’s a great value. I think that’s what people want ultimately. They want nice looking stuff, that works really well, and is affordable. It’s not a very ingenious formula or anything. It’s just what people what want.

That’s why Bolt came out at the price point it did. Before if you wanted to get started with other products you had to buy a hub, a few different bulbs, and that’s a few hundred bucks. Honestly, I think a lot of people can’t afford a $200 set up. For $50, they can get started and it’s a beautiful product. 

I really think those are the three things. You’ve got to have a great product that has an amazing user experience. 

Great distribution. We’re sold in over 50 countries now in 17 languages. So local editions are super important. Making sure that it’s relevant to the people who are going to use it. 

And marketing, being able to communicate very clearly and simply what you have to offer to the user. That’s what we’re focused on."

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