“It’s a lot easier to talk about your failures once you are successful and to trot out your failure stories to round out your experiences. It’s much harder when you are in the middle of actually failing. 

It’s not fun. It’s not fun to talk about. If you don’t have the follow on success story then you are just continuously failing. 

We like to think of that as actually continuously learning and saving yourself time. So, one thing I would say is to know that failure is learning and that’s actually what you are doing, and what your whole job is at the earliest stage. 

Two, at the early stage it’s mostly failure anyways and people tell you otherwise are not at the early stages they are probably much later and have way more failures behind them than they are even willing to admit.
And, to focus on the learning. Whenever we talk to people, entrepreneurs in particular and people in our portfolio company, if it’s clear what you are trying to learn the results are not quite failure they are data. We should sort of feel dispassionately about it. Although again, way easier said than done.” 

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