How to Approach Startup Acquisitions

Matthew Murphy // Co-Founder of Appsurdity

“Matt: It’s like your baby is growing up and you’re letting them go to college. It’s really about culture and do they see the world the same way. Do they have the same goals? The same mission and big idea for where this technology can go? 

It was a really hard decision for us but again back to the focus point. We’ve realized that we have a ton of ideas and we can build a ton of different products and if we want one to succeed we really can’t be running many products at once as a small team. 

It was a tough decision and it took us awhile to make it but we realized it was best for the community if we partnered it up with another community who shared the same values that can actually give even more than we could give in the experience and make it a better product for our customers. 

We’re very happy with the decision but it was an emotional decision not a financial decision. 

Mary: We really took care of our users. No matter for Dubbler or for QUAD. A lot of Dubbler users are still in contact with us, tweeting us and talking with us on QUAD. The biggest decision factor was whether the two communities can merge and whether the new company could really take care of the community who used Dubbler before. And, whether their product features could satisfy the needs or could actually go beyond what they expected for Dubbler that we didn’t have before.”

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