How QUAD Runs the QUAD Squad Internship Program

Matthew Murphy // Co-Founder of Appsurdity

"If the academia or the institution is telling the students that they have to use the product they will run the other way. If your professor says you have to use it it’s not cool. It was very important for us to build a network of student influencers who were excited about the product, passionate about it, and wanted to tell everyone that ‘Hey, you have to use this product. It’s the best. I’ve personally helped make it better. They take my feedback.’

The first year of building the QUAD Squad we were actively reaching out to active customers and saying ‘Hey, do you want to be a student ambassador. Do you want to go out and promote?’ 

Now that we’ve built the QUAD Squad program up and built enough awareness for it as a program 900 people applied for this round of 35 spots. We’re able to really be more selective and find the people who have the best skills that we learned are the skills you need to have to promote a product on campus. 

We want people who lead and help spread the word. "

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