How to Be an Approachable CEO

Jordan Kretchmer // Founder and CEO of Livefyre

Jordan Kretchmer discusses strategies for CEOs to represent themselves as equal team members as well as the importance of celebrating small wins and highlighting individual team members.


Create a Training Infrastructure for Your Managers

Neil Capel // Founder and CEO of Sailthru

"We have coaching programs for every manager. We have one-on-one coaching for new managers for a six week period and then we move onto a peer coaching program whereby they hold each other accountable so they can build a group and discuss how they handle things. We're trying to build a coaching infrastructure....In a lot of companies management is top down and it's the responsibility of the manager to engage an employee and get them to perform...We put a lot of responsibility on the actual manager as the person who's going to bring the employee to the next level." 

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