Understand the Motivation for Your Customers Feedback

Mary Yang // Co-Founder of Appsurdity

"We have tools to help manage customer feedback and we document the different requests that we get from them. For every individual user, whether or not we finally take their feedback, we will try to talk to them and see why they think like that. Even if they are sending the same request the reason behind it is different. We want to dive deeper and see why they really want a feature. We want to get to know them more and maintain a good relationship with them because we care about each individual user. 

For evaluation on the product features we will collect all of the feedback and chat everyday. Almost every week we have a brain storm session on the new feedback, features, and what the next steps are. We do a full evaluation on both engineering costs and how much impact it will have; All of the factors we need to consider in product management. "

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