Establish a Seamless Division of Labor with Your Co-Founder

Paul Tyma // Co-founder & CTO of Refresh

Paul: "That co-founders site was built to match people with different skill sets. We had that advantage going forward right away. We didn’t conflict in a lot of things. In other words, we could hit the ground running in several directions right away. I think that was a big advantage.

I think that we look at things differently, we have diverse backgrounds. So we have plenty of healthy discussions, arguments, fights - whatever you want to call them - and I think they’ve always made the product better and taken the company in a smarter direction. 

We got lucky, is part of it, which is always part of finding a co-founder. It’s the closest thing to a romantic relationship without any romance that I’ve ever had. 
It really is important to find someone very competent and who can do what they do very well. And someone that you get along with at this incredible level."

Bhavin: "I would add to that that division of labor is extremely important. Obviously Paul and I have done this before, in terms of starting companies, so we know what are strengths are and what are weaknesses are. So there’s not a lot of question about who’s going to do something or who’s going to make the call on a particular issue. We already know who should be working on a particular problem based on the characteristics of the problem.

I do see others that are not in such a fortunate situation where there is a lot of ambiguity and overlap. Sort of, ‘Well, who’s making this call or who’s decision is it?’ While there’s a lot of collaboration, if we both got each other involved for everything, for every decision, all the way down to the minutia, we wouldn’t move very fast. 

We can each come into work and not even have a single conversation all day and be extremely productive. And then we can come into work and spend all day in conversation and also be productive."

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