Accept and Adapt to Your Culture's Evolution

Paul Berry // Founder of RebelMouse

Paul Berry explains why encouraging your new team members to impact the culture is the best way to help it evolve.


Let Each Branch Evolve On It's Own

Jordan Kretchmer // Founder and CEO of Livefyre

Jordan Kretchmer explains how to let each office take on a unique culture and why transfer should occur naturally, rather than being prescribed.


Maximize Your Number of Check Ins

Ben Hindman // Co-Founder and CEO of Splash

"We keep our team on the same page by doing a lot of check-ins. 

Something that I've had to learn as a CEO is to have immense emotional IQ. 

I have to keep my team on the same page as I am. It's often very easy to think way into the future and not keep everyone up to date. 

The way we do that is through daily meetings, weekly meetings, and Splash offsites, where we take everyone to another location and really focus on what we are going to be working on the next few months, and even the rest of the year.

It's that type of transparency and understanding of our higher level goals that's allowed us to stay focused as we move really fast."


Lead by Example to Cultivate an Honest Culture

Brian Bordainick // Co-Founder and CEO of Dinner Lab

"One of my favorite things about our company is that we don't hold back. We aren't a feel good culture where every idea is a great idea. We just don't believe in that, but we try not to shoot down people's ideas unless you have a better one to present. I think that creates a really honest and open culture, and what's great is I feel very confident that everyone at this company is saying how they feel...If someone has a problem they're going to come up and tell you that and we're going to work through it...It's really about a feeling and something you work really hard to create; It starts at the top and works all the way down. I love our employees. They're great people and they care about this company a lot....We always joke that we hire people who are gritty, passionate, and smart and everything else is teachable. If you're willing to work hard, you're smart and passionate about this space you can learn how to do ops. Those are three intangibles, people may be older or younger, but they share those three things." 

Hire City Managers Who Lead by Example

Phil Dumontet // Founder and CEO of Dashed Delivery

"It starts with the individual city manager, for sure. They need to really represent the values of DASHED and the kind of commitment to speed and service we have to our guests. 

The carriers that we have in Providence, in Baltimore, in Philadelphia, they are first and foremost reporting to this manager so the manager is providing the experience to them locally. They’re providing the DASHED experience and they need to lead by example."

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