Include Brand Ambassadors in Your Culture

Matthew Murphy // Co-Founder of Appsurdity

“It’s a great question. We constantly have dialogue. So on a daily basis we are talking with our in office interns and our QUAD Squad that’s distributed. They have all of our phone numbers and are in our QUAD of course. 

We’re very forthcoming, if you have a class project, if you need help on a homework assignment, or need to interview someone in a business please reach out to us we want to help you in anyway possible. This should be a mutual relationship. You know we’ll give them recommendations, you know on LinkedIn, and we’ll help them with various skills that they need. 

I think because we have made it a two sided very open relationship where ‘Hey, we want to learn from you too. You’re on your campus. You know what’s popular on your campus. You know what helps spread trends at you school, we don’t know.’ We haven’t been to all of the 4,300 colleges out there so it would be insane for us to try and push out one marketing strategy to all of them and hope that it works. They are our intelligence. 

They get rewarded financially of course, they make money based on doing certain things each week and also have performance incentives in place each week. They also get to run real marketing programs, they have budgets ranging from anywhere from $100 up to $1000 to plan an event. If you’re a college student, planning an event, running up the results is experience you can’t learn in a text book. 

They’re on QUAD all the time. We literally have a QUAD for the QUAD Squad and we’re constantly communicating with them, sharing photos of the office. We do barbecues every Friday so we’re constantly sharing photos back and forth with them and they’re doing the same things with events they are going too. We also go visit them. Sean who runs the QUAD Squad just did a eight campus tour over the last week, going school by school.”

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