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Vivek Sharma // Co-Founder & CEO of Movable Ink

Vivek: "We’re believers in starting simple. When you get a piece of technology it’s very enticing to want to do everything under the sun and start throwing bells and whistles to see what’s going to stick. 

I think it’s good to have a hypothesis about what’s going to be effective. If you’re AirBnB a personal message feels very relevant to you and it feels very on brand. 

If you’re a brick and mortar store maybe one element to drive someone to shop offline, especially with a launch-able campaign right now, possibly redeem a coupon with Apple Pay at a local merchant. 

Try to do one thing and try to really nail that. Start with a baseline then try to do more experiments and be more ambitious with your marketing program. So with that, that’s the simple idea. I think we’ve done some vastly successful things, some that integrate into backend systems. "

Michael: "It actually depends on the statistical significance. Sometimes a test will be very wildly successful or not and very quickly you can determine if it worked; And if it didn’t, show me the best option. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Our tools are able to figure out how long that should be so it’s not something you really have to set out for. "

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