How to Stop Your Vision of Success from Preventing Growth

Amy Errett // Founder and CEO of Madison Reed

"I think that somehow, early on, most people, almost every person, has some story about themselves that is just a story. That becomes the anchor part of how you make choices about relationships, careers. Challenging that story - Is that really true or is that just that story? And kind of taking all of those things that feel like, you know one couldn't be worthy of something and then exploring it. 

I'm a pretty analytical person and I'm very happy to report that my life got better when I married a person who is all heart. It's annoying as hell sometimes but it's a good reminder. What I mean by that is that we tend, especially business types, to live in our head. We live in what are the statistics, what are the metrics, what are the analyses, and so overtime, if you live your life with that kind of construct, the odds are that the story that you built about yourself is going to happen. Versus if you live a little more in your heart, you pay it forward and you take a leap of faith which has no analytics whatsoever that go around it, all of the sudden ability for good things to happen. I'm a believer of positive energy creating positive energy in the universe. People think that I've lost my mind, my Wharton friends think 'What the hell happened to you? You moved out to California nd now you're crazy' But what I’ve seen in groups of people, it's the same thing. We walk out of this door and we're negative the whole place goes negative. We walk out out of this door and we're realistic about our challenges but we are optimistic and positive about the possibility of winning, we win. It's just true. "

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