How to Bring on New Team Members to Avoid Burn Out

Courtney Guertin // Co-Founder & CTO of Kiip

“We’ve been very lucky to have a good work life balance. I’m not saying that we don’t work weekends sometimes. To tell you the truth, we’ve hired enough that in areas where people do feel the stress coming on we’ll hear about it in one-on-one’s and we’ll ask if it’s temporary or if it’s really part of the growth, whether it was planned or unplanned - So we might have to bring on people earlier. And, we’ve done a lot of hiring over the past, our whole career, really, but there are peaks and valleys for companies, and recently we’ve done a lot of hiring. Just smoothing that process out and getting people on board faster, and having a really good on-boarding process so people can be impactful from day one. You know, each company operates a little bit differently, but I think that each organization wants the same result where people feel like they impact the company very early, at the early days of the organization. So I think that’s another thing that we do to provide leadership and make sure that our teams are excited.”

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