The Three Values Fueling Refresh's Culture

Bhavin Shah // Co-Founder & CEO of Refresh

Bhavin: "We have a pretty high bar in terms of interviewing and the acumen that we expect from everyone on the team. So everyone is expected to deliver on their own without a lot of oversight. So what that entails is a lot of folks who have seniority in areas they specialize in who bring solutions to the table not just discussion. So that’s number one. 

Number two, we’re very transparent. The organization is very flat. There is no hierarchy. Everything that is happening to the company, every discussion is shared with the team. We have business discussions with engineers. We have engineering discussions with the product folks. So everyone is very well informed.

 Another thing we do is spend quality time with one another, in a very meaningful way, to make sure that we get along and that we all enjoy each other’s company outside the context of building this company and product. Once a quarter we go on a trip together somewhere for two days, it’s usually a blast, whether it’s Las Vegas or up to Napa. It’s always an overnight event and everyone thoroughly enjoys spending time together. 

We tried the first time to turn it into a work and play event and because it’s not even 48 hours, it’s more like 36 hours, it turns out it’s best that we keep the systems up and focus on building up those stories that people will talk about at lunch for months. It’s the acronyms and inside jokes that we have a ton of at the company and they are all built from these two day intense outings that we engage in. "

Paul: "I think that every single company is going to say that they hire for culture fit and in one sense I think it’s cliche and in another sense I think it can’t be over stated. 

As Bhavin said we have a very high bar. I like to distill it down and say if someone interviews someone else you say, ‘Do you want to work with that person?’ And that’s a very, very simple statement but it’s actually very deep.

It means that the person is probably scary smart, they’re friendly, receptive, respectful. There’s so much. Do you want to sit down with a person and work with them for the next six months? You’re going to learn from them and they’re going to learn form you. I think there’s an incredible level of detail to that. When you sit down and really think through that statement. And that’s really where we come in.

As Bhavin said, we have a very high bar, we set ourselves on a Google interviewing process technically and with all of the rest of it. We’ve had a lot of candidates come through here and we reject a candidate for a million reasons and some of those are technical and some of those are absolutely not. We’re really careful on that level and we very much value our culture and the excitement we have around the product. 

We just went to the Dreamforce conference and we wanted every single person to come and experience the excitement our customers brought to us. Customer after customer came to the booth and said ‘I saw your product at a party last night. Oh. my. god.’ We want everyone to feel that excitement and I think we have that here. I think it’s just part of our recipe. "

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