Amy: "The continuous learning. For me, every single day I feel is a gift and I have deep gratitude for the learning, the ability to see what works and what doesn't work, to let go of being hard on yourself and just ease into that genius, whatever part that is. Embrace the stuff you're really bad at. And surround yourself with great people. To me, the journey is about paying attention and continous learning. There are no mistakes in life. There are just massive opportunities and challenges and seeing every part of it as a gift has been an important part of how I live my life. 

Sabrina: "I think it's this notion of letting go of perfection which can be really hard and letting go of what is expected of you and just having the courage to do it. So much of what I think blocks people, and what has blocked me in the past, is my own fear about doing something and getting out of my own way is sometimes the biggest challenge. So what’s been surprising to me is to just lean into that and go for it. Then surrounding yourself with great people who can help pick you up when it may not go so well helps as well. You know, I think you need to have more faith in yourself that I realized in the beginning. It's hard along the way." 

Amy: "Someone once said to me, and I think it's absolutely true, it's kind of a play on what most people think, I think most people actually have a deep and enduring fear of succeeding and create a story about why that's not possible and then make the story be real. If you can get in touch with the real story, that you can succeed and you can find that genius, a lot of those barriers just vanish."

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