Empower Engineers to Make Decisions with Context

Michael Nutt // Co-Founder & CTO of Movable Ink

Michael: "Be very transparent. Be open with them and trust that they need to be able to take ownership of what they are doing. Placing that trust in them goes a long way."

Vivek: "Explain the context. Why are we doing this - The context in which we are building these things. There’s always micro decisions an engineer might make during the day and I think with Michael communicating that pretty well they have an understanding of where we are going and they’re able to adeptly make those decisions."

Michael: "Engineers really don’t want to be told you need to build this next feature because that’s what the business is doing. They often times really want to understand why they are doing it and how it fits in the larger picture." 

Vivek: "It’s broad strokes. When you’re product managing, even if you have wide frames, even if you have high fidelity mock ups there are so many things you learn as you start to build out that feature or product. You’re pushing against the medium that informs you and you can’t necessarily go and check on the hundred tiny little decisions or you’ll never get anywhere. So engineers really end up making key product decisions so they need to be a in a good position to understand context. So they are making those decisions wisely."

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