Transparency Starts at the Top

Jordana Kier // Co-Founder of Lola

“Transparency is very core to our brand and how we talk to our customers. We have to lead by example within our company and make sure that as we are a small, tight knit team that we want to be honest with each other and share as much as we can.

There is always an open door policy. There’s open calendars so everybody sees what Alex and I are up to. It’s important to be able to share as much as you can with what you are working on. We expect it to go both ways. We want to understand what even the interns are working on.

Obviously there are things that don’t get shared like dealing with our cash flow. That’s something that Alex and I really do on our own. If anybody has a question about it we are happy to share. Money is what helps to keep our business going but it’s not what we want our employees focused on a daily basis.”

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